Earn cryptocurrency and redeem rewards from everyday shopping!

Netkoin’s cryptocurrency loyalty mobile application aims to make retail shopping relevant and rewarding for shoppers based on their location. The mobile application contains numerous features and filters in order to provide the shopper with a personalized retail shopping experience, while maintaining the highest level of user’s data security and privacy.

Multi-token wallet

Interact with the Ethereum blockchain

Send, receive and store NTK, LIQUID, ETH and hundreds of other ERC20 tokens via a Multi-token wallet integrated into Netkoin’s cryptocurrency loyalty rewards mobile app.


Collect cryptocurrency, discover nearby stores and redeem rewards all within one app!

Location based advertising

Discover nearby stores and promotions based on location, category and distance.

Collect Netkoin (NTK)

You can collect the cryptocurrency Netkoin (NTK) from nearby stores.

Redeem reward

Redeem rewards with NTK from participating stores listed on the mobile app.

Multi-token wallet

Send, receive and store NTK, LIQUID and hundreds of ERC20 tokens.


Use the application by simply creating or importing a wallet. No personal information is required to sign in.


Your encrypted keystore file for your wallet is stored on your smartphone and never leaves it.

Beta version

Start testing the app now

The beta version of Netkoin’s mobile app is now available for download on iOS and Android devices. This version also includes the integrated Multi-token wallet.

Download on Android