Business Management Platform

Netkoin’s business management platform will be utilized by retail stores to enable business owners to manage their stores advertising on the Netkoin mobile application. Businesses can integrate their store’s social media content providing them with a single place of advertising their businesses content with shoppers. Therefore reducing content marketing management by the retail business marketing team.


Location Based Advertising Mobile Application

Netkoin’s location based mobile advertising application aims to make retail shopping relevant and rewarding for customers based on their location. The mobile application will contain numerous features and filters in order to provide the customer with a personalized retail shopping experience while maintaining the highest level of user’s data security and privacy.

A few NTK Token Use-cases

Peer to Peer Transactions

NTK tokens can be exchanged between peers via the ethereum blockchain.

Circulating Supply Demand

Retail businesses will need to acquire NTK via exchanges in order to join the ecosystem, hence increasing the circulating supply demand.

Collect & Redeem

NTK tokens will be collected and redeemed by shoppers through Netkoin’s location based advertising mobile application.

Learn More

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