For shoppers

a cryptocurrency loyalty rewards app

Earn cryptocurrency and redeem rewards from everyday shopping!

Relevant retail adverts

Discover nearby stores and promotions based on location, category and distance.

Redeem rewards

Exchange your earned cryptocurrency for rewards offered by retailers via the mobile app.

Earn cryptocurrency

You can collect the cryptocurrency Netkoin (NTK) from nearby stores.

Multi-token wallet

Send, receive and store NTK and thousands of other cryptocurrencies.

For retailers

a business management platform

Attract customers to your store through cryptocurrency rewards and targeted location based advertising!

Simply register and claim your business via Facebook login.

Advertise to nearby customers via location based promotions.

Attract customers to your store with cryptocurrency rewards.

Shoppers can redeem goods and services with NTK.

Netkoin's ecosystem

incorporates blockchain technology

Netkoin’s ecosystem is powered by NTK and LIQUID. These tokens are based on the ethereum blockchain. They are responsible for numerous functions and features within Netkoin’s applications. They are key components of the ecosystem.

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